Hi, this is not an ordinary blog this is a fan page/blog dedicated to KREWELLA ♥ from Puerto Rico. Here you will find every update from Krewella, pictures, tour dates, new vids, new songs everything, hope you enjoy it! PhGonz

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Me and my best friend at Krewlife episode 6 in Puerto Rico

Krewella' KREWLIFE Episode 6: Puerto Freako - YouTube

So In this Krewlife episode shoot at Puerto Rico were I live on October 27th at Circotic, I appear several times with my bestfriend let’s just say that I feel honored to appear here because I love krewella since the first time I heard them early in 2012. Let’s be honest I don’t follow many groups or artists but my biggest acomplishment and what I feel most honored is to follow their music and see how they continue to grow bigger and go further in their carrier. Love allways krew -phGonz

Fall in love with Krewella, you won’t regret it
In love with them ♥♥